A Good Day

February 12, 2013

One of the benefits of living on the Pacific Rim — especially in Vancouver where multiculturalism blossoms — is the easy integration of Chinese and Japanese culture into our lives.

We started our day with dim sum at the Western Lake (of course). No matter how many times I eat there, it just gets better.  Today’s dishes tasted even fresher than usual, the flavours more perfect, and that is saying something!

We had thought of going there yesterday but thought that, it being both the day after Chinese New Year and a BC holiday, it would just be too busy for comfort.  Today, we were touched that the managers came over to us and were sad that we had missed a day that was indeed exceedingly crowded and which included a lion dance performance!.

Still, today’s food made us feel cherished enough.

We then set off on our own chores and I went to Murata out on Broadway west of Main.  Murata is a small shop that sells wonderful Japanese goods — tableware, clothing, fabric and gifts.  It is a precious gem of a place where I managed to find exactly the Valentine’s Day gift I wanted for my ever-loving.

A good day!