Pedestrian Only Zone!

HUSH online magazine has published a piece that argues for sidewalk cycling and segregated bike lanes in Vancouver. It has been picked up on Twitter by the usual pro-bike suspects.  It handles the arguments for segregated bike lanes very well and makes a fine case.  A case I absolutely support.  We should definitely move to build segregated bike lanes across much of the city.

My problem with the article is the encouragement and demand that, in the meanwhile, cyclists should have the right to ride on sidewalks.  Yes, riding on the sidewalk is safer for the cyclist than on an ordinary road.  And, yes, having cyclists riding on the sidewalk is significantly more dangerous for pedestrians, especially seniors.

What would the cyclists say if a group of walkers strolled slowly down a segregated bike lane?  There would be hell to pay.  But it is OK for you to trample us down in our own segregated pedestrian lane?  Why do you think it is more important to protect the lives of cyclists than to protect the lives of pedestrians?

You cannot buy your safety with our bodies!


3 Responses to Pedestrian Only Zone!

  1. I’ll just reiterate what I said on Twitter, Jak: by no means am I advocating sidewalk cycling, but rather explaining why it happens, and making the larger point that the outrage directed towards the “scofflaw” cyclists should actually be directed towards our city officials, Traffic Engineers, and businesses opposed to transportation equality. We need to start building complete streets for ALL users, and Commercial Drive is the perfect place to start! :-)

  2. James Deroux says:

    There’s quite a leap from Chris’ daughter avoiding the bull-run to “trampling seniors”…

    Of course the sidewalk is a pedestrian-priority space, of course the heavier traveller should always yield to the lighter one.

  3. jakking says:

    Is the segregated bike lane only going to be a “cycling-priority” space too?

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