Our Very Own Seed Library

Jordan Bober who is deeply enmeshed in both the Transition and community gardens’ movements hereabouts is starting to get together a neighbourhood seed bank for gardeners.  He sent me the following email:

“Just wanted to send out a reminder that you are all invited to attend a meeting to kick off the Grandview Seed Library project on October 30th at 7pm, at Britannia Library. The purpose of this meeting is to gather people who are interested in helping in various ways to set up the Seed Library (for which we have received a Greenest City Neighbour Small Grant) and creating an action plan for establishing the library.”

This will be well worth attending for those interested in their gardens and sustainable urban farming.


2 Responses to Our Very Own Seed Library

  1. Bill Lee says:

    Jordon Bober is also doing “community coinage” schemes. Seeing this article


    made me jump over to The King’s Drive pages to see if it was mentioned there too.

  2. jakking says:

    I am quite surprised that Jordan has never mentioned this to me in the several meetings we have had — although they have all been in the context of the new Woodland Community Gardens project. I am a great believer — theoretically at least — in local currencies and so I am glad to see someone working so diligently on such a thing here in Vancouver.

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