Do We Really Need Grandview’s Community Plan?

October 27, 2012

As regular readers will know we are currently engaged in watching the planners compile a new Neighbour Community Plan for Grandview.  You will also be aware that City Council has approved upzoning on arterial roads that could easily negate both what we have today and what any “Community” Plan might bring forth.  This troubles me greatly.  It also troubles Elizabeth Murphy.

Ms. Murphy is a former development officer for the City of Vancouver.  She ran for City Council under the Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver banner at the last election, and she is a property owner here in Grandview.  She is intelligent, articulate and worldly-wise about development issues in our City.  Just the other day she wrote an email that included the following, which, with her permission, I feel is worth sharing:

“”Grandview is a very balanced neighbourhood, a model actually, and not an area that should be wholesale re-planned or redeveloped … Grandview already has a large amount of rentals, social housing, variety of stock, balance of incomes, ages, and housed predominately within existing heritage/character buildings that have further capacity for future growth within the existing zoning. Grandview needs a tweak at most, if that, not a total rebuild.”

In other words, we ain’t broke so why try to fix us?  Words to live by, I think, and certainly words to bring to any planning session that seeks to alter the way Grandview has developed.

Our Very Own Seed Library

October 27, 2012

Jordan Bober who is deeply enmeshed in both the Transition and community gardens’ movements hereabouts is starting to get together a neighbourhood seed bank for gardeners.  He sent me the following email:

“Just wanted to send out a reminder that you are all invited to attend a meeting to kick off the Grandview Seed Library project on October 30th at 7pm, at Britannia Library. The purpose of this meeting is to gather people who are interested in helping in various ways to set up the Seed Library (for which we have received a Greenest City Neighbour Small Grant) and creating an action plan for establishing the library.”

This will be well worth attending for those interested in their gardens and sustainable urban farming.