The VPL’s Inspiration Pass

October 24, 2012

What a great idea!

Vancouver Public Library has joined together with twenty cultural and recreational providers in Vancouver in what they call their Inspiration Pass:

With a Vancouver Inspiration Pass you can spend an afternoon with a sea otter, discover a secret garden; dive into aquatics; learn about sailing the seven seas and navigating the stars; uncover our city’s past, explore the future and much more.

Created to increase community engagement and inclusivity and support lifelong learning, the pass provides opportunities for Vancouver residents – regardless of socio-economic status – to benefit from the many diverse cultural, learning and recreation activities offered throughout Vancouver.

But most of all, it’s a ton of fun!

And all this through the use of a free VPL pass.  Very creative idea.  Well done.

To Victoria Without A Car

October 24, 2012

We took a day trip to Victoria yesterday to collect some material from the BC Provincial Archives.  It was great fun and we enjoyed the entire journey which we did by bus.

It is hard to believe that we would ever want to take a car from the Lower Mainland to the Island.  The coach is comfortable, there are no driving anxieties (you can even take a nap), and the coach gets off the ferry first every time.  We walked around Victoria when we arrived, but we could just as well have used local transit or taxis or even rented a local car for our time there.

Definitely no need for us to bring a car from Vancouver — ever.