Heritage In The Rain

October 19, 2012

Last night, as most of you will know, there was a terrific rainstorm across Vancouver, one of the heaviest of the short season so far.  But luckily that didn’t stop many of us getting together for this month’s Grandview Heritage Group public meeting.

We had our usual interesting discussions and I also displayed the work that has been keeping me busy all summer — the creation of a database and associated maps covering the entire building stock in Grandview (all 4,100+ lots). We always say that Grandview is a heritage-rich neighbourhood, but even I was surprised to find that 50% of all buildings in Grandview today were constructed before the end of the 1920s.

Part of our discussion last night was about the City’s upzoning project and this new research shows just how vulnerable our neighbourhood is to the wide new areas that the Council has decided on for upzoning.  We sure need to be vigilant about this and the current weak attempts at “community engagement” by Planning are not a hopeful sign.  This is what I’ll be speaking about tomorrow at the “Future of Vancouver” conference.