Dates For The Diary

October 15, 2012

After a Sunday with tons of thrills (Felix Baumgartner jumping out of a baloon at 24 miles up, Michael Kluckner’s presentation about Kodachrome and Vancouver, my first long walk in pouring rain this season) we have another interesting week to come.

On Thursday evening there is the next public meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group.  There will be lots of interesting stuff to discuss. plus I will be displaying my database of the entire Grandview housing stock plus the historical/heritage maps and graphs I have produced from that exercise.  Should be great fun.

On Saturday afternoon, CityHallWatch has set up a public forum on The Future of Vancouver.”  As we know, Vancouver City Council seems disinclined to include neighbourhoods and communities in major city planning issues. This will be the place to be to further the discussion about community engagement in the future of our city.  I may well be speaking at the event.

On Sunday morning, expert tour guide Maurice Guibord will take us a walk down the Western Slope of Commercial Drive. Rain or shine this will be a fascinating look at the heritage of Grandview between the Drive and Strathcona.

I hope you can make at least one of these events because each one is both important and interesting in its own way.