The Future of Cycling

October 12, 2012

Regular readers will know that I am a longtime devotee of bicycle road racing.  Back in August when he was hiding from the truth I wrote a piece about Lance Armstrong as garbage so the release this week of the USADA report doesn’t make me think anything worse about him (that would have been impossible.)

But what it does do is focus attention on the faults of UCI and its failed leadership under Verbruggen and McQuaid.  They need to go, and soon.  If they really care about their sport they will leave voluntarily as a way to clear the decks and allow a brighter future for cycling.  I doubt that will happen, though.  I expect McQuaid to throw Verbruggen under the bus but to fight for his own position.  That will be a noisy shame.

We also need to see the dopers’ manager, Jan Bruyneel, fired from his position at Radio Shack, because the report makes clear that he was as guilty as any of the racers.

Finally, I have to note my genuine disappointment at the continuing supportive position  taken by Nike and other sponsors of the man at the centre of the greatest cheating scandal in the history of sports.  Boycott of their products seems the only sensible solution to bring them to their senses.

I am looking forward to the 2013 season.  It is clear that most participants have now fully bought into the no-doping programme and we will see the cleanest season for almost two decades.  There will still be those trying to cheat but they will be caught and punished.  Ride on!