Grandview’s Community Plan

September 19, 2012

The first phase of the development of a new Grandview-Woodland Community Plan has been completed and we now enter phase two which will involve workshops on the issues that were identified in phase one.  These issues include transportation, housing, culture, heritage, etc.

Phase two is scheduled to go through to next summer and is the key time for community input, and I cannot urge my neighbours enough to get involved.  What happens to Grandview and the Drive is important to all of us, and everyone’s ideas and concerns are worth hearing.

Phase two kicks off with a series of Open Houses (see below) which should be of great interest.  The Planners will be outlining a number of current City initiatives (Greenest City, Homelessness, etc) and discussing how they can be tied in to the Grandview-specific issues that were identified in phase one.  These connections — and other ideas that emerge — will form the foundational material for the issue-specific workshops that will fill up the balance of phase two.



Again, I urge everyone in Grandview to get involved in this process.  The document that is finally produced will govern much of what happens here for the next generation.  Do you really want to leave that future in the hands of others?