Crash and Almost Burn

September 9, 2012

Blogging — and most everything else — has been delayed for the last few days because my hard drive crashed.  Luckily, the great repair gurus at VCV Computers are quite literally just down the street from me.  They couldn’t save my drive, but they swiftly got me back up and running with a new system.

I have lost my entire email history, much of which included important historical details along with, of course, the contact addresses of so many people over the years.   I am now rebuilding what I can, and keeping it strictly on webmail.

More importantly, my entire 75 gigs of research and photographs that I maintain on an external drive seemed to have disappeared.  That was a heart-stopping moment I can tell you.   Luckily James at VCV realized that the files had somehow been turned to “hidden” which is why I couldn’t access them.

The potential loss of so much material — my entire writing, photography and history life, in fact — had me really spooked.  I spent all of yesterday and overnight backing up everything into cloud storage and setting up automatic daily backups.  I sure hope that is as secure as promised.  We live and learn.