Barcelona Redux

Long time readers here may recall that I have a great appreciation for the look and feel of Barcelona.

If I didn’t live in Vancouver, Barcelona is probably the place I would pick to spend my time.

It was a great pleasure, therefore, to find the always-interesting Sidewalk Ballet site talking about the city today in a piece that is well worth reading.

Also, as an aside, I was watching the Vuelta a Espana race this morning as it toured along the Galician coast and I was stunned by the beauty of that area.  I have spent a very long time in Spain over the years but very little in the northwest of the country; I have clearly missed out.

One Response to Barcelona Redux

  1. Bill Lee says:

    Galicia, hace 1.160 millones de años
    Un estudio revela que la península Ibérica es dos veces más antigua de lo que se creía”

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