A Good Day Out

Yesterday was a day for community.  At 11am we visited the City’s Community Plan outreach event at Grandview Park.  The main purpose was to display the results of the surveys they have been undertaking this spring.  The displays were well-execute: interesting, easy to understand and colourful.  There was a steady stream of visitors, some no doubt attracted by the free hotdogs on offer!

After spending some time in the Park, chatting with a lot of friends and acquaintances, we strolled across the road to Fet’s, one of our favourite spots on the Drive.  We got a place on the patio, there was the suggestion of a cooling breeze, and we both ate too much!   Fet’s has always been good under Eric and Allura, but now that a second generation is taking the lead (with sons Travis in the kitchen and Ryan front of house), they are reaching ever higher standards.

In the evening (after a well-earned nap) there was a street party in the 1200-block Lakewood Drive.  The east side of that block has a whole run of glorious heritage houses from 1910 and 1911, and the party was to celebrate that heritage.

I’m sure that all the folks on the block were there, along with the Carnival Band, a great spread of food, bunches of other folks from the neighbourhood, and many of the Grandview Heritage Group.  There was a short talk by historian Michael Kluckner, and a wonderful speech by resident Jim who explained in some detail how the houses were put together back in the day.

The sun was hot, the smiles were broad and everyone had a great time.

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