Just Say No

July 28, 2012

BC Premier Christie Clark is getting a lot of press for walking out of the Premiers’ discussions on a national energy policy while her concerns about the Northern Gateway pipeline are unsatisfied.  She is getting castigated in the eastern press (and I include Alberta and Saskatchewan in that description) for being anti-Canadian, while a bunch of local right-of-centrists on Twitter are cheering her on.

I think she is still on the wrong side of the fence.  As I understand the bottom line of her concerns, she will approve the pipeline if BC makes more money from the deal.  That’s a dead wrong position and can only lead to the eventual approval for the project if Alberta wakes up, smells the coffee, and opens up their cheque book.

The NDP, most interior First Nations and, I believe, the majority of the BC population just want to say no.  We don’t need the pipeline, we don’t need the crude oil, we don’t need the risk.  There is no amount of money in the world that could pay for the damage a big spill in our north or on our coast could cause.

Andrew Coyne and other Easterners have suggested that, in the end, the Feds could legally force us to have the pipeline.  If they think that Clark’s intransigence today is harming Canada, they should see what might happen if the people of BC are over-ridden on this by Ottawa!