Thanks to Vancouver’s Emergency Services!

On Saturday I had a sudden medical emergency that required me to go to hospital and to spend a couple of days there.  The details are unimportant but, as usual, I want to praise to the skies the extraordinary men and women who operate the EMS services in Vancouver.

After a call to 911, the Fire Services paramedics responded within three minutes and the EMS ambulance came just a couple of minutes later.  They were able to stabilize me immediately and get me ready for transport to St. Paul’s.  Each and every one of them was courteous and respectful and thoroughly professional in what they did.  They also injected humour into the situation and made me feel confident that I was in safe hands, God love ’em.

Over the last dozen years or so I have had to call on emergency services about four or five times (always for the same chronic complaint) and the service I have received has always been top-notch.  The same can be said about my experiences with the specialists at both St. Paul’s and VGH Emergency Departments.  I hear people bitching about our medical system, and I am sure there are some holes overall, but they have always been extraordinarily good to me.  Laying on the gurney in the ambulance, I found myself wondering what the heck I would have done without the availability of these services. As citizens we just can’t pay these folks enough — in both money and respect — for what they do.

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