Calming Prior Street

July 6, 2012

Further to my earlier post about the viaducts and the traffic on Prior/Venables, the following is the text of a letter sent yesterday by the Grandview Woodland Area Council:

Dear Mayor and Council:

The Grandview-Woodland Area Council shares the concerns of the Strathcona Residents’ Association and the community of Strathcona about the long-term problem of unacceptable traffic volumes on Prior and Venables Streets, created with the building of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts in the 1970’s.  Joining our voice with that of Strathcona residents, we request the City of Vancouver expand the Viaducts study area to include the neighbouring communities of Strathcona and Grandview-Woodland.

We ask also that the City take immediate action to reduce traffic volumes on Prior and Venables Streets to acceptable levels for residential streets. We propose a number of measures:  re-instate parking on Prior Street, re-direct traffic from the viaducts through the False Creek Flats, install the (award-winning) proposal for the Venables-Prior Greenway, and plant trees on Venables from Clark Drive to Commercial Drive.

The above measures will help the City of Vancouver carry out its own policy directives to create a sustainable Vancouver and a liveable region, as stated in the goals of the “Greenest City”, the 2040 Transportation Plan and Community Planning.


The Directors of Grandview-Woodland Area Council (GWAC)

In the interests of transparency I note that I am a Director of GWAC.  Obviously the letter doesn’t go as far as I have suggested, but it is a good step forward.  Most importantly, it is marvelous that GWAC and the Strathcona Residents Association can work together on an issue of importance.  If Council doesn’t want to listen to one of us, perhaps they’ll listen to both.