Reclaiming Prior Street

July 2, 2012

As you have no doubt heard, there is a big movement afoot to demolish the Georgia and Dunsmuir Street viaducts.  A lot of Strathcona residents agree with that plan.  However, the City Engineers seem to have no plan whatsoever to reduce the volume of traffic that ends up on Prior/Venables, — a volume of traffic that has caused 177 injuries over the last four years, and which delivers far too many cars onto Grandview’s residential streets.  Whatever happens to the viaducts (and I happen to oppose their demolition at this time), something MUST be done to reduce the traffic on Prior.  This locally-produced video is well worth watching to the very end.

My suggestion?  Block the connection between Prior and the viaducts to all motorised traffic, obliging eastbound traffic to turn on the exit to Main Street and thence to Terminal/First if they are heading for, say, the highway.  Other traffic will quickly convert northwards to Hastings/Powell as required. This assumes, of course, that the long-awaited Malkin Connector — the primary solution — will still be long-awaited years into the future.

Taking the traffic off Venables/Prior would allow it to become the preferred bicycle route for which it is much more suitable than the current route along Adanac. Retaining the viaduct would allow cyclists to use the roadway as a path to and from the city.