Changes On The Drive #11

July 1, 2012

This month we need to start with two bad losses:  Kitchenware at Commercial & First is now vacant; no big surprise as we knew it was closing a couple of months ago, but still a sad loss.

Much more surprising was the closure this week of Dutch Girl Chocolates at 1002 Commercial.  Last weekend they had a cash-only chocolate sale at 50% discount (during which we filled our bucket) and I guess we should have realised then that something was about to happen.  Still it was a shock a couple of days ago when the sign went up on the door saying the business was closed permanently.  Very sad, they will be sorely missed.

So, two more vacancies to add to 2223 Commercial (the old Rental place), 1748 (formerly The River), 1629 (that used to be a DQ outlet), 1340 (previously filled by BLVD Skateboard), 1260 (which was Theresa’s Cafe and will soon re-open as Absinthe Bistro), 1111 (was Bikram Yoga which has now moved to Il Mercarto) and the storefront next to Liberty Wines.

The old Latin Quarter which closed at 1305 Commercial last month is also vacant but my informants tell me it will soon be opened again under the name Stormcrow which is, apparently, an obscure reference to a nickname of Tolkein’s Gandalf.  The new owner is said to be an internet whiz from Calgary who now lives on the Island.

The storefront at 1840 Commercial, which used to be Deja Vu Hair and which has been vacant for months, is now happily being used by Retro Rock Vintage clothing.

The restaurant on the northeast corner of Graveley, the partner to the gelato store next door, seems to have morphed overnight into the Merchants Oyster Bar, just the kind of place we’ve been missing here and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Finally, the medical cannabis outlet at 2137 Commercial has a bright new sign.

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Canada’s Day!

July 1, 2012

Happy birthday today to the greatest country that is or ever was!

The image is a brilliant photograph by Dom Komarechka.