Community Gardens at Woodland Park

June 22, 2012

Last night I was at a really interesting Grandview Heritage Group meeting and thus I was unable to attend the community meeting at the proposed community gardens in Woodland Park.  I am a big supporter of this plan and we are looking forward to getting a plot for our own growing needs next year.  Jordan, the organizer, has sent around an email discussing the proposal’s next steps.  I hope they don’t mind if I repeat the important stuff here:

“Thanks to all you who came by Woodland Park this evening for the community garden open house! It was inspiring to see such a good group of neighbours (more than 25 of us!) gathering to talk about the park and the neighbourhood, and I hope that it foreshadows the kind of community that can be built in our neighbourhood around a new community garden in the park. Most of those who came were very excited about starting a new community garden in the park. There were a few people who expressed some concerns as well, but we are confident that those concerns can be addressed through proper design.

For all those who support the community garden proposal, we ask that you please help out by sending an email to the Parks Board at pbgreen@vancouver.caexpressing your support; the deadline for public input is June 30th. Then the Board will vote on whether or not we can have a garden at Woodland Park.

Even if you’ve already voiced your support in our online survey a few months ago or by email, please write to the Parks Board – they need to hear from you directly. It’s crunch time! You can send a one-liner, just saying you’re in favour of having a community garden at Woodland Park. And even better, get your neighbours to send their support to the Parks Board as well!

Again, the email address is:

We are so close, and as long as enough of us voice our support, we can make this happen!”

I hope as many of you as possible will write to the Parks Board in support of this project by June 30th.  We need more community gardens and food resources!