Tanning Through The Clouds

June 18, 2012

Sunday was Car Free Day on the Drive, and our Grandview Heritage Group had a display table set up in the 1400-block.  It was great.  We were promised showers all day, and the morning was miserable, but we had not a spot of rain from 11am until we quite at almost 6pm.  No sun, and cloud cover throughout, but not a drop of the anticipated downpour.

I love Car Free Day.  Last week was Italian Day on the Drive. A similar affair with the streets closed, restaurants and merchants pushing their wares into the street.  It was popular when I wandered through, but the whole thing seemed so commercial, so set up.  By contrast Car Free Day is a genuine community event that just feels friendlier — and with just as many visitors, I am sure.

At the Heritage table, Michael Kluckner, Bruce Macdonald and I all had our books out for display, and we drew a steady crowd.  Along with our other colleagues, we chatted up our 100th Birthday Sign event, we shared our concerns about the future of the Florida Building and, mostly, we listened to the stories of folks who have been here for 40, 50 and even 60 years.  Wonderful stuff.

Anyway, when I got home after seven hours outside, I had a bright red face and head — the start of my summer tan!