Changes On The Drive #10

June 10, 2012

Boy, there have been a bunch of changes on the Drive in the last month or so.

Cafe Crepe at 1818 Commercial closed (it never really got the Drive vibe, I think), as did The River at 1750 and Theresa’s at 1260 (they never did reciver after that fire.)  But the space at 1260 is already being renovated for a new French-style bistro, Absinthe, which is hoping to open in July.

Vacancies now are at 2223 (the old Rental place), 1840 (the old Deja Vu place, which seems to being worked on), the new storefront next to Liberty Wines, the former DQ site at 1629, the former BLVD store at 1338 and, of course, the Latin Quarter at 1305.  Word is that the Latin Quarter is to be replaced by a “tavern.”

Other changes include Work BC at 2106 (there was another agency there previously, I think.)  And the funky old laudramat at 1910 is now called Washing Wells:

And the old Apollo Poultry store has a bright new shade with the name My Barbecue Hut emblazoned on it.

Kitchenware, next door to the Apollo, is looking sadder each day as its imminent closure approaches. But on the brighter side, the former Vigo Remittances office has been taken over by Little Earth, a consignment store for infant and children’s stuff.

And then there’s the Florida — but that will take another post.

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History Tour of Commercial Drive

June 10, 2012

A thanks to everyone who came out for the history walk of Commercial Drive yesterday morning.  The weather was just about perfect and we had a great time.