Turning On A Dime

May 17, 2012

There are bars on the Drive that take a serious attitude to food; you go there for the food, and the drinks and atmosphere are a bonus (Bukowski’s was a great example).  The newly opened Dime Roadhouse is not like that.

The Dime is a bar that serves plates of cheap food ($4.95 all day).  Nothing wrong with that, of course, and they sure were busier last night than La Rocca ever used to be.  But I am an eater these days rather than a drinker, and I suspect a younger demographic is aimed for.

They don’t serve coffee, which even for a bar these days seems a little odd. And their menu only has a dozen items so when chicken wings are not available (as they were not last night) there is a noticeable gap.  My wife said the pulled pork wasn’t too bad, but my gnocchi looked and tasted as though it had been dumped from a tin and heated up.  We also had a salad that my wife described as coming from Second Harvest.  Major disappointment.

However, as I said above, I am sure we are not the demographic they are looking for, and I suspect that by summer the Dime will help liven up that particular block.