Bosa As Tourism

May 16, 2012

It is another beautifully sunny day and I’m wearing my shorts.  Bosa Foods is just three blocks away down Victoria Drive.  It seemed natural, therefore, to walk down there and look around.

Bosa, for me at least, is not just a place to go to fill up the grocery basket every few days (although that’s OK, too), but rather it is like going to a spa:  it is a destination; a place to look forward to being at, just for itself. Today was one of those days; I didn’t have a list or anything (although we had used the last of the sausages for breakfast this morning, and herself’s favourite blood orange drink is on its last legs), I was just in the mood to go.

I certainly don’t go for the architecture. The store, in a neighbourhood famous for elegant heritage homes, is in one of the ugliest buildings for miles around.  No matter; it is what’s inside that counts:  Fresh bread rolls, endless meats and cheeses, and Italissima this and Italissima that. They have a bigger store further east, I know that, but it is more like a supermarket; while the one on Victoria still feels like a fine Italian grocery store, person-sized.

And yes, I do have my own Bosa bag (or rather, my wife does — and I can borrow it whenever I want). Have you noticed that their bags have a pocket at each end, just perfect for carrying large blood orange drink bottles, leaving the rest of the bag ready for more sausages, tinned peaches etc etc.

Yes, a beautiful day.

Why Grandview?

May 16, 2012

When did Grandview become known as Grandview?  Read my story at the Grandview Heritage Group website.