Janes’s Walk of Grandview

May 6, 2012

What a fabulous day for a walk!  Shorts and T-shirt weather — for me at least.   There were about 50 or more people who showed up at Britannia for the Jane’s Walk of Grandview, a walk that was also sponsored by the Museum of Vancouver, Spacing Vancouver, and the new Grandview Community Planning process.

The Walk leaders were Dan Freeman and Marta Farevaag.  They began with a review of the Britannia Centre and the old Britannia High School (the views from which were destroyed by the “concrete bunkers” that were added to the older building in the 1950s) and then moved on to Grandview Park.  We walked a short section of Commercial and then headed east into the residential sections.  The group discussed Victoria Park, the Jeffs House renovation, and the earlier conversion of the old Miller house “Kurrajong”.

It was a fun walk and I was exhausted by the end of the second hour.  I did manage to hand out a lot of flyers about my own walk in June — that was worthwhile!

Two Restaurants Bite The Dust

May 6, 2012

There were big changes on the Drive at the end of this week.  Two long-time restaurants — The Latin Quarter, and La Rocca — closed, quite suddenly.  The Latin Quarter opened in 1991, while La Rocca (with its occasionally signing owner) was founded by Claudio Magagnin back in 1986.

What will happen to the space where Latin Quarter lived is up in the air; however, La Rocca has become, immediately, a new restaurant called The Dime which is owned, so I’m told, by the owners of The Famous Warehouse downtown. The La Rocca sign has been removed, somewhat inexpertly, and there is now a pavement sign noting that all food is available all day for $4.95.