April 23, 2012

Vancouver City Council is keen to see even longer buses on Broadway.  I’m not opposed to that.  But to do that they need permission from the Province which controls the length of buses.  Why bother?  Instead, why not push for double-deckers?

These are within Provincial length guidelines and handle almost double the passengers for the same footprint.  I’m certain we could find electric versions and lifting the trolley wires hardly seems an insurmountable problem.

I’m all for it!


I’m Giving A Walking Tour

April 23, 2012

I will be conducting a two-hour guided walk along Commercial Drive from Venables Street to Second Avenue.  I’ll be identifying and discussing many of the heritage buildings along the route and relating stories of the people and businesses that occupied them.

Meet up on the southeast corner of Venables & Commercial at 9:45am Saturday 9th June 2012, rain or shine.

Please register by email to $10 contribution to the Grandview Heritage Group at the meet-up.