The Joy Of the New and the Exhaustion of the Old

February 5, 2012

Some months ago we bought a new sofa online, with delivery in February.  Well, February is here and today is the day they are delivering the new couch.  Great!  Looking forward to it!

However, we still have the old couch that this new one is to replace.  We used to love this old sofa but it has become more than tatty over the years and has to go.  Moreover, it  hasn’t lost any weight.  The steel frame is still as solid as ever and, of course, it is wider than any doors in the house.

So, the joy of the new is preceded by the odd and exhausting task of two not-very-fit 60+ year olds working like navvies to move the old couch out. Once we had figured out the geometry of getting it out of the living room door, I knew we were going to be OK. But it took another full half-hour of labour and struggle to get it to the kerbside.

Sheesh! And now I have to vacuum the place before the new sofa arrives!

Update:  The effort was worth it!