The TV was on this afternoon. I guess it was one of our time-shift channels because all the ads were for Toronto and Mississauga.  The ad I happened to catch was for a Toronto TV station’s morning show.  The tag line was “Like the morning paper without all that annoying reading.”

What sort of moronic message is that to give to kids, or to anyone for that matter? That reading is a chore? An annoyance?

Jesus God Almighty, it just makes me mad!



One Response to WTF?

  1. Oh, this reminds me of the men of the cloth who say “Don’t distract yourselves by reading the scripture as I quote it during my sermon. I’ll tell you what it says, and what it means.”

    The message is clear as it was in Max Headroom. Watch the tube, embrace illiteracy and mental poverty. We’ll tell you what to think.

    There may be more parallels, but I’ll leave them to you. You’re a reader and a thinker! But please remember that Toronto is The Centre of the Universe.

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