Sundays At The Library

I spend a lot of time at the Central Library, all day for at least two and sometimes three days a week. And more or less I have been doing that for a couple of years. Up on the seventh floor where I do my work there are the occasional busy flashes but generally it is pretty quiet up there.

I have tried to keep weekends as free as possible and so I haven’t been visiting the Library at those times.  However, because my gal has been traveling for the last couple of weeks, I have found myself doing full days there for the last two Sundays. And wow! — the place has been packed both days; seriously busy with nearly every table and work space being used.

Maybe half the crowd are ethnically-oriental students doing language homework or some such in a quiet space. The other half are actively looking up stuff from directories, old newspapers and the massively-multiple volumes of historic Vancouver photographs.

On my walks around the Library every floor seemed to be equally busy.

It is wonderful to see such a special building be so well used.


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