Grandview Woodland Area Council

November 7, 2011

I just got home from this month’s GWAC meeting. It was very interesting and I’m sure I’ll write more about some of the issues discussed. These included a presentation by the Port of Vancouver about transportation developments — and the trucks on the streets they generate; a talk by a longshoreman about the benefits of “short sea shipping” — which would get rid of most of the trucks altogether; the Community Development Plan process; and problems with proposed developments at First & Victoria and in the 1500-block Grant Street.

There were perhaps three dozen people in attendance tonight and I urge everyone in Grandview to attend future meetings.  There is important stuff going on that will significantly impact our daily lives on The Drive and its neighbourhood, and we need constant vigilance and community activism to ensure that only changes genuinely supported by the community get past the drawing board. GWAC is a pretty good platform to centralise relevant information, and the organization is recognized by the City and other stakeholders.

Send a quick email to to get yourself onto the GWAC mailing list and they’ll make sure to let you know about meetings and other activities.