The Supreme Court’s InSite

September 30, 2011

In a hard slap to the face of the Harper Tories, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled this morning that Vancouver’s InSite safe injection site must be allowed to operate outside Canada’s drug laws.  They found that under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, the Provincial Government’s duty to take care of the health of its citizens over-rode the Federal Government’s right to enforce their drug laws. Therefore the Minister was ordered by the court to continue an indefinite exemption for InSite. The decision was unanimous.

Thank God for common sense!

There are libraries full of studies proving that InSite has been of value to the addicts, to the health community, and to the city in general. But it didn’t meet the Tory’s hardline ideology so it had to be opposed.  How many of my tax dollars went to fighting this, I wonder?

Hopefully this ruling will encourage Victoria, Toronto and other cities who have shown interest in their own safe injection facilities.

Pretty good start to the day!