People’s Co-op Bookstore

September 20, 2011

The People’s Co-op Bookstore at 1391 Commercial is having its Annual General Meeting on Friday 30th September.  It has been part of the Drive for more than 20 years, and year after year it wins the Georgia Straight People’s Choice award for Best Bookstore in town. It is a friendly local place to shop for good books and magazines.

This is a community-owned business and you too can share ownership by going to the store and buying a membership. No one has to buy a membership to use the store, but it is an easy and cheap way to contribute to the preservation of The Drive as a viable and unique community.  Pay a few bucks and show up for the AGM, just to show your support; you could even run as a director.

It is worth it. We would sure miss it if it were gone.

Thoughts On A Walk On the Drive

September 20, 2011

So I took advantage this afternoon of what might be the last warm sunny day for at least a week and probably much much longer.  It was perfect for short-sleeves and shorts.

I found this poster on most every pole in the neighbourhood.  It’s for the “This is Strathcona” Festival next Sunday down on Maclean Park. Looks like fun. One of the Tall Brothers who are playing there is a close neighbour of mine – grand fellow; and they play good music. You can get more details at:

I love it when a community has the ass to come out and declare itself worthy of celebration!

And talking of celebration, the owners of the Riot store on Commercial have taken over its windows to declare their love for the Drive after 15 years in business:

The wording begins: “I can’t believe we’ve been lovers for 15 years!” These folks have been leaving messages on their windows for a long time and this is a fitting memorial to their longevity.

A commenter on an early post about the “Grandview Sniveller suggested this morning that production of the “Sniveller” was perhaps “in hiatus.”  I have to report that I didn’t find any new copies, and I looked in a few places.  It was due out a day or so ago, I think, so perhaps it is just late. I hope so.

I finished off my walk with a coffee at Pane Vero which was busy and reveling in the warm sunny day; the patio was full.  Good stuff.