Cadman Ousted by COPE

Local resident and long-time Vancouver councillor David Cadman failed to be nominated for a place on City Council at a packed COPE meeting yesterday.  Cadman was part of a slate that included Ellen Woodsworth and Filipino-community-backed newcomer R.J. Aquino, but he was pushed into fourth place by the old “warhorse” Tim Louis (pictured) who crashed his way to second on the ballot.

Ellen Woodsworth was clearly discomfited by the development and was less than gracious to Louis during her presser after the nomination vote. I don’t always agree with everything Tim Louis says, but I like his Rankinesque dynamism and so I am glad to see him on the slate for the election.

Couple of points:  One, Cadman who lives just a few blocks away was not at the Grandview Park opening on Saturday. I was surprised at that. I’m sure this had no effect on Sunday’s vote, but it might indicate a drift away from community by Cadman.

Second, COPE managed to gather a thousand people out to a Sunday nominating meeting.  This needs to be compared to the 60 or 70 people who showed up to nominate the NPA’s Suzanne Anton shortly before.

It is a shame that COPE — under its agreement with Vision Vancouver — can only run three candidates this year (up from just two last time), but I guess it is still a re-building period. I hope this is the last time this arrangement is in place — and I think it may be if the NPA gets wiped out this year.

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