The City, The Port and Trucks On Our Streets

September 13, 2011

There was an impressive turnout for the Grandview Woodland Area Council meeting last night; the room was packed. The number one item on their minds and on the agenda was a review of what is happening (or not) in regards to getting trucks off residential streets.

You may recall the issue came to a head a few weeks ago when the Port authorities closed down the Clark Drive truck entrance. Trucks were diverting away from Clark Drive (a designated truck street) to Nanaimo Street (which is definitely not). Residents were genuinely concerned for their safety.  A number of activists from the various locations affected by the truck diversions (Nanaimo Street area, Renfrew Street area — where 25 trucks went by in just three hours the other day one man reported — McGill, north of Hastings, etc) came to complain.

They say that the Port’s so-called “trial period” of three months proactively working to get trucks off residential streets is a complete failure and was designed to fail due to the lack of resources attached to the issue (one person and one post was what i think I heard).  The Port has also said that they will wash their hands of it completely at the end of the “trial”: Any further changes will have to come about as City By-Laws.

The message was pretty clear that Grandview’s complaints mean nothing when compared to the Port’s overall well-being.

If you live on any eastside streets and have been bothered lately by increasing truck traffic, send your complaint to  While you are there, ask them why there used to be a dozen truck entrances to the Port and now there is one and one-half.

Follow along with the community’s fight to get the trucks off our streets at