Whatever Happened To …

September 10, 2011

.. those freezers in shipping crates that were sitting on the sidewalk, about seven or eight of them.  This was just a little west of Hastings and Glen, over the viaduct on the north side, and there was no obvious appliance store for which they might have been a delivery. Perhaps the delivery driver got bored looking and simply said “That’s enough.” and dumped them.  That’s what it looked like. I wonder what happened to them.

The Rugby World Cup

September 10, 2011

The Opening Ceremony of the Rugby World Cup was the best such ceremony I have ever witnessed.  It is well worth watching.

Just brilliant.  It is an object lesson in how to incorporate at the deepest level the essence of local ethnicity and its connection to the world through the sport.

The games have been equally interesting so far.  In the opener, the Tongans — boasting a hakka to challenge that of the All Blacks themselves — fought well in a losing cause.  Fiji and Namibia showed some creative open play in a high-scoring affair, and both Scotland and England had to come back from deficits as favourites in their first matches.  Tonight I’m looking forward to the Wales clash against South Africa.