Vancouver Taxi Companies Oppose Free Enterprise

Why do we have so few cabs in Vancouver?  Because the four taxi companies in the city enjoy a monopoly that serves their purposes.  Why does the City allow this to happen?  Beats me but I’m guessing that if we follow the money we might find out.

Why can’t we have as many cabs as the market will support?  Why can’t we have free enterprise on the streets?

We don’t limit the number of hairdressers or butchers or auto mechanics, do we?  No we don’t.  You want to set up a beauty salon, a meat market or a garage — just rent a space, put up a sign and open for business.  The market will decide if you are one too many; not a bureaucrat or a monopoly company owner.

But not for cabs.  That’s really odd to me.

2 Responses to Vancouver Taxi Companies Oppose Free Enterprise

  1. The city used to give out taxi licences to operators (drivers that drove and maintained taxis themselves). In the course of time, some of these operators wanted to retire on their investments. A black market was created for the taxi licences. The shortage of taxis is only to support this black market.

    The city and government has to discourage investors by auditing taxi companies closely. This will ease the black market, and allow for more taxis.

    • jakking says:

      Thanks for this. I knew that if one followed the money there would be an answer. I’m still not sure why any City Council would go along with this nonsense that only causes inconvenience for Vancouverites.

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