Reason #204 Not To Use Facebook

May 22, 2011

As a reminder to all those of my readers who still use Facebook — even though it is the corporate-government’s best way of collecting data that is then used against you — there is no free lunch. As you sit there contemplating your wall and checking the status of others, or whatever it is that Facebook users do, apparently for free, the Man is making a sure buck from you.

Digital Buzz has an excellent InfoGraphic segment on The Real Cost of Social Media.  The article is full of interesting data, but I was particularly drawn to the following analysis.  They looked at how much money is spent by a customer who is a Facebook fan and a customer who is not on Facebook; and they all make a bunch more money from you facebookers!

If only one or two retailers were seeing this effect, we could scratch our heads and wonder. But when the entire spectrum of mass marketers make additional profits from people hooked into Facebook, then we can be sure this is both deliberate and avoidable.

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