Reason #202 To Avoid Facebook

As I have previously written, there is a vast ocean of reasons for not going near Facebook, and I certainly never do.  Many of those reasons are to do with the security and privacy of YOUR information on Facebook’s. But the more general and overriding reason for steering clear of Facebook is because Facebook is merely the lipstick on the front end of a huge database of personal data collected and analysed by the corporate-government nexus — for THEIR use, not yours.

The darker aspects of such a controlling system are rarely revealed; I suspect the senior managers are paid in part for maintaining that lack of transparency.  But sometimes, the needs of the governing powers is so great that Facebook is required to act with an open brutality.  Such has been the case in the UK this week.

The Facebook pages of militants and activists against the UK government’s austerity policies have suddenly gone dark. A coincidence, claims Facebook, having to do with some technical definition of “profile” and “page.”  It is, they say, purely coincidental that the pages de-published were all actively involved in organizing a mass protest this weekend.  Sure.

Previous reasons for not using Facebook.


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