Great Service Deserves A Mention

It is a cliche to observe that we live in a service-saturated era. I would also not be the first to note that most of that service is mediocre at best and truly crap in a lot of cases. It is a joy, therefore, to report on a local craftsman who plies his trade with pride and care.

My wife has a tall metal stand that she uses as a plinth for her tumbler tomatoes. It is very heavy, with four wrought iron legs, each made of several parts. The welds between several of the parts had quite given up — a function of age, no doubt — and the stand was no longer usable.

So, she found Broadway Welding Shop through a Google search and called them because they are just a few blocks from where we live. Twenty minutes after a brief telephone call, owner Nick Byblow knocked on the door to collect the piece. He delivered it back the following morning having renewed all of the welds on the piece, not just those that were obviously broken. He charged $20 and seemed genuinely pleased to accept a tip for the extra work.

If you live on the eastside and have any kind of metalwork that needs repair, we can happily recommend Broadway Welding Shop. Their website is unimpressive; their work is great.

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