Liberalism Meets Fascism

April 11, 2011

It is sad but true that whenever a Liberal looks carefully in the mirror, they recognise a Fascist staring back at them.

Let us take the Liberal proposition that the hijab and the burqa are insults to women, degrading them, making women second class citizens at best.  Perhaps that is true, in a general sense.  So, how does the Liberal deal with this proposition?  They pass a fascistic law that bans all women from wearing the garments.

But it is also true that many women seem to wear the garments with some pride.  No matter; this fascistic law says that  — as usual — the capitalist nation state knows better than you women who want to wear the garb, and you will do what we say.

Thus, apparently to protect women from being oppressed, women are  treated as second class citizens and told they cannot wear whatever they want. Dumb Liberals.