The Times They Are A’Changed

Less than 80 short years ago, the King of England, Emperor of India, head of the greatest empire the world had ever seen, was forced to abdicate his throne because he wanted to marry — not have an affair with, or live in sin with, or have the occasional dirty weekend with, but to formally marry — a divorceé.

The other night I watched a long news piece about how Prince William and Kate Middleton will be living in the very rural Anglesey area of north Wales, where William is a search-and-rescue pilot, after their marriage next month. (Most common advice from locals — learn Welsh).  What was clear from the item was that the Prince and his girlfriend have already moved into the house they will share; and not a single word was mentioned, either negatively or positively, about this pre-marital domestic arrangement.  It was a non-issue.

We have come a long way in a very short time, thank goodness!

2 Responses to The Times They Are A’Changed

  1. Sea says:

    Actually there’s always been plenty of hanky panky with the Royals and it was widely accepted by the people. Just look at Bertie.

    The whole issue with Edward was that he was the head of the Church of England and the church didn’t recognize divorce so Wallis would have had at least two living husbands in the church’s eyes and one would be the King of England! Who knows what would have happened if Edward was the one who had been previously married, then divorced and wanted to marry Wallis as a never married commoner. We’ll never find out as Diana conveniently died before Charles remarried. Actually did Camilla’s husband conveniently die as well, I forget the details.

    I think it’s a rarer thing today for a couple to choose to marry and that has to be applauded. Poor William didn’t have very many pleasant examples of wedded bliss around him when he went down on bended knee. Even in his grandparents long lived marriage there is prevalent gossip about his grandfather’s wild infidelities.

  2. jakking says:

    I agree there is no MORE hanky-panky in the Royal family than there was before. Just treated differently.

    Diana’s death was indeed “convenient” for the entire country (I’m not sure the UK could afford her much longer.) As for Camilla’s first old man, Andrew Parker Bowles, he was happy to finally accept a divorce during which Charles had to admit to his longstanding affair.

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