I’m Back!

Where have I been? Here, of course; but my mind has been elsewhere — mostly on the final details of getting my “The Drive” published. This is the cover.

Now that I have gone through a couple of Proofs and the necessary edits, I can pretty much push the Publish button anytime.  However,  I’ve been fussing with email lists, drafting a release letter, getting review copies sent etc etc. I have to follow up on what Amazon needs from me by way of websites, previews etc. With luck I will publish on or about April 15th.


5 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. The Little Woman says:

    So proud of you! It’s a beautiful book and I’m sure it will be popular with anyone who cherishes The Drive and Vancouver. I love living on The Drive and now I love it more because I know its history.

  2. YoDrive says:


  3. jakking says:


  4. Thanks for letting me know, Jak! I can’t wait to read it! Awesome! Wonder what you have up your sleeve for your next project?

    • jakking says:

      Thanks, Barbara! The next project (about 75% done now) is an Encyclopedia of Commercial Drive. I have about 9,000 entries at this point. I hope to have this ready by Christmas.

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