Uncle Sam’s Death Mask

March 14, 2011

Under cover of the US media’s blanket coverage of the disasters in Japan, the brutal medieval princelings of Arabia and the Gulf have shipped troops and police to Bahrain to ensure that democracy cannot flourish in that region.

Nothing in that region happens without at least a nod from Uncle Sam.  Their actions in supplying the nod give the lie to any public speech by Obama or Clinton expressing support for democratic protesters in North Africa and the Near East. In this case, the actions will be deadly while their words are nothing but syrup. Their masks of concern will conspire in the violent deaths of young people, women and children, none of whom want anything but the barrel scrapings from the American Dream.

I can only hope that France and Britain recognize the cowardice of Obama’s administration and thus make their own positive decision to serve democracy and the masses in Libya by forcing Gaddafi’s air power to the ground.  I’m not holding my breath though.