Screw The Saudis

It was reported yesterday that the great U.S. ally, the barbaric and feudal kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has sent special police forces across the causeway into Bahrain to help the king suppress democracy demonstrators. Such an ally!

It is said by US foreign policy wonks that the US needs Saudi Arabia in its fights against terrorism and Iran. Such nonsense! We know perfectly well that the Kingdom is the largest giver of funds to the jihadists, that 80%+ of the 9/11 bombers came from Saudi Arabia, and that the Kingdom is one of the worst places in the world for human rights failures. For those reasons alone, we should cut them adrift as they can hardly do the West any more harm than they do already.

Moreover, it is the Kingdom that needs OUR help to survive against their enemies and to buy their oil.  We just need the courage to tell them to go to hell and then sit back and watch them crawl back into our corner (or collapse).

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