Keep Imperialists Out Of Libya

February 28, 2011


I don’t have the proper credit for this image. It is from Al Jazeera’s Daily Blog on Libya.


What To Do With The Rats Who Run

February 25, 2011

Over the last week or so we have seen all sorts of Libyan officials “defecting” to the side of the people’s uprising.  These include the Justice Minister, the Chief of Protocol, Gaddafi’s cousin.  They are quick to jump on the Al Jazeera network to express their horror at what Gaddafi is doing.

There was even a mention on the blogs this morning that some of these people intend to form a political party to take part in the future of the country.  This cannot be allowed to happen.

Just days ago these people were senior members of the dictatorial regime, happy to gain power, prestige and cash from their closeness to the Leader.  Now, they need to be arrested and tried for their role in the 42 years of horror the country has gone through.  Only when and if they are cleared of involvement can they be allowed back into the political process. I doubt many if any will pass that test!


Landscape #5

February 18, 2011

Landscape #5“, from a series.

Screw The Saudis

February 17, 2011

It was reported yesterday that the great U.S. ally, the barbaric and feudal kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has sent special police forces across the causeway into Bahrain to help the king suppress democracy demonstrators. Such an ally!

It is said by US foreign policy wonks that the US needs Saudi Arabia in its fights against terrorism and Iran. Such nonsense! We know perfectly well that the Kingdom is the largest giver of funds to the jihadists, that 80%+ of the 9/11 bombers came from Saudi Arabia, and that the Kingdom is one of the worst places in the world for human rights failures. For those reasons alone, we should cut them adrift as they can hardly do the West any more harm than they do already.

Moreover, it is the Kingdom that needs OUR help to survive against their enemies and to buy their oil.  We just need the courage to tell them to go to hell and then sit back and watch them crawl back into our corner (or collapse).

“New Forms Of Life”

February 15, 2011

It is worth spending a couple of minutes to watch this BBC video about a man in Holland who builds wind-powered “life forms” out of PVC piping:

What wonderful vision and creativity!

Thanks to the CBC for the lead.


February 14, 2011

Nylons 2” — for Valentine’s Day

Anarchist Situationalism and Individual Hysteria

February 13, 2011

What a gas this “prank” is:

A half-dozen fast-food restaurants and one hotel in North Vancouver fell victim to an elaborate phone scam this weekend, as pranksters convinced employees and hotel guests to smash sprinklers and activate fire alarms.  The caller duped staff at restaurants such as McDonald’s, A&W, Denny’s and Subway into setting off their fire-alarm systems on Saturday evening, causing major damage from sprinklers and fire-retardant foam that sprayed doused kitchens, RCMP Cpl. Peter Devries said. A day earlier, eight rooms at the North Vancouver Hotel were ruined after a man, who contacted guests over the phone, pretended to be the hotel manager and persuaded guests to pull the pin on their in-room sprinklers …

The pranks bear the hallmarks of an online group known as PrankU or Pranknet, whose members have convinced unwitting hotel guests in the United States to set off sprinklers, throw televisions out of windows and even consume their own bodily waste … Last month, a Nebraska Holiday Inn suffered $115,000 in damages last month after a phone prankster conned a 47-year-old hotel guest into smashing a sprinkler in his hotel room. More than 18,000 litres of water flooded the room and adjacent meeting rooms, hotel staff said.   In November, an elderly man at a South Carolina Motel 6 was awakened and told of “highly sophisticated” cameras hidden in his television and mirrors. After throwing the TV out his window and smashing the mirrors in his room with a wrench, he was goaded into tearing away Sheetrock from a wall to supposedly free a four-foot-tall man trapped behind.  In June 2009, a wave of calls swept four southern states, convincing guests they needed to break windows or smash sprinklers to avert a gas explosion. One man drove his truck through the door of a hotel lobby in Nebraska, supposedly to turn off a fire alarm, while another hotel guest followed instructions to throw a toilet out his window.  In February 2009, employees at a KFC in Manchester, N.H., were even tricked into undressing and urinating on each other to neutralize a toxic chemical that was supposedly seeping from the restaurant’s sprinkler system.

Police seem to link these “pranks” to a group called PrankU which may or may not be just one guy.  What a fabulous track record!

No person really gets hurt; a little inconvenience — covered by insurance and goodwill — is all.  But there is a loss to the corporate enterprise and its insurers; maybe a million dollars of anti-capitalist sabotage — what a gas!

This whole affairs works on so many levels: As public spectacle it works as a fine Situationist project; As direct action it works with the financial and physical damage to the body corporate; As a source of directed anxiety it works — none of the people involved will ever be sure again that society can protect them from such a situation; And as irony it works by utilizing capitalism’s own creatures — telecommunications networks, in-house “safety” devices, a weltschmertz that allows ordinary people to believe what they are told by seeming authority figures — to damage the capitalistic structure.

It is fascinating that the system wants us to treat these as “pranks” and nothing more serious.

Bravo to more of this stuff!