Broadband Billing and Dumb Liberals

I am getting sick and tired of liberals claiming that we somehow have a right to broadband connection and therefore the plans by Shaw to charge for access to the internet by usage are somehow immoral. Do these people forget that certain services FAR MORE important than broadband connection — electricity, water, food, gas, for example — are ALL sold on a user-pay basis: the more food you want to eat, the more money you pay for your food; the more electricity you use, the more you pay, etc etc.

To try to place access to broadband as somehow more important than food and water and power simply makes the proponents look stupid.

When these liberals actually try to discuss what is wrong with Shaw’s plan it turns out they object to the profit margin that Shaw is capturing — it costs, say, one penny to deliver one Gb and Shaw wants to charge two bucks.  That’s a fair enough argument — one that the market would quickly resolve but which, in this liberally regulated age, the CRTC can be pressured to solve by putting in place ROI caps, for example.

Stick to the pricing problem, guys, and stop making yourselves look stupid over the “rights” issue.



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