Back Again

January 19, 2011

I’ve been away from the blog for a couple of weeks. I’ve had one infection after other since December 19th and today has been the first time for a while that I’ve felt halfway decent. It was interesting to me that I had no interest in being online during much of that time. Previously I would have thought it was the kind of action that stayed because, physically at least, there is little effort. But the toll the fevers take on your brain makes it very difficult to think in the way that online communication needs; it is always more convenient to nap or walk around the room shivering in a wrap and blankets.

Thank God for antibiotics, I guess! But they sure take apart the digestive system, killing off all the good guys along with the bad. It was the Rubicon today though when, first, I insisted that we go to the Western Lake for dim sum — God! what a wonderful find; Wednesday at 11am was just as good and friendly and BUSY as a Sunday lunch time — and then I was very happy to cook a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight.

Plus ca change, plus la meme chose.


Reason #201 For NOT Using Facebook …

January 19, 2011

According to Big Brother Watch:

The Telegraph reports that Facebook has now made it easier for third party application developers to request a user’s contact information in return for using an application. According to Facebook’s Developer Blog, the new feature rolled out early on Saturday morning. It is ‘now making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible’. But the Telegraph and others have missed an important update to this story. Also according to the Facebook’s Developer Blog on Monday, Facebook ‘will be temporarily disabling this feature until those changes are ready’ based on ‘use feedback’. One wonders if users were outraged with the possibility of third parties gaining access to even more personal information. Whatever the case, it is important for all of us who use Facebook to check our privacy settings and think twice before using third party applications.

Or just bail, before it is too late!