A Mixed Start To The Year

January 2, 2011

On the bad side, my computer is still not working properly: none of the items that need drivers are working; second monitor, sound system, web cam, and my all-important external hard drive are out of my reach.  I blame Microsoft’s “verification signature” for this.

The day my computer came back from the shop, everything was fine.  The next morning when I switched on, there was a message from MS about their verification system.  As I have a perfectly legal and registered version of the MS OS, I was happy to press “Yes” to whatever was on screen.  Major error. It downloaded software and, since that moment, nothing that needs drivers has worked.  I have searched the web for updated drivers and loaded what I can, all without improving the situation.  Now I have to wait until VCV is open again on Tuesday and pay more money to get it fixed.  Damn their eyes in Redmond!!

To make matters worse, I managed to break my glasses this morning and have no idea where my old pair are.  Sheesh!

On the good side, I seem to be back to full health with most of my strength restored. Even more to the good, we went for dim sum this morning at Western Lake and can confirm once again that it is the finest dim sum joint in the entire city.  Packed as always, there were several hundred diners and, once again, the Boss and I were the only non-Chinese. I cannot imagine why others aren’t flocking there but, it is already busy enough so perhaps that’s just as well.  Reservations (as we had today) are always a good idea on the weekends.