What An End To The Year

The day after I got back from hospital, my computer hard drive decided it just couldn’t go on.  Without warning it turned turtle and scuttled away into oblivion.  VCV Computer on Commercial is probably the best repair shop in the city but even they have to take Christmas off!   So it is only today that I have the machine back with a brand new — and empty — hard drive.

I have spent much of this NYE re-establishing contact with the system.  Luckily all my truly important files — the books I am writing, my photographs and art work — are on an external drive;  but I have lost years and years of email history and my carefully constructed and indexed thousands of Firefox bookmarks.  Oh well; as the headline on this blog says “the most important post-modern expression is the ability to just start again.”

Firefox, Skype and my second monitor are all working well, and I have an old version of WORD that should see me through. Losing my apps means I have to track down online or otherwise free versions of Excel, Powerpoint and Photoshop.  Now, if I could just get contact with my web cam and the external drive, I’d be in great shape.

Many cultures believe it is good to start clean and renewed for the new year.  With what the hospital and the computer have done to me this past fortnight, I should be in great shape for 2011.  Happy New Year!

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