December 24, 2010

Teepee” (2008), acrylics on canvas, 16″ x 20″, in private collection.

Where Is Christmas?

December 24, 2010

One of the “pleasures” of being in St Paul’s Hospital over this past week was being on the 10th floor with one of the very best southward looking views over Vancouver. English Bay is laid out on the right and Burrard Bridge straight ahead. Almost without obstruction one can see a wide swathe of the West End and, across False Creek, all of Kitsilano and Point Grey all the way to the 37th Avenue ridge. A magnificent view.

However, looking out on the evening of December 22nd, across that immense section of Vancouver, you could not possibly tell it was Christmastime. Apart from one solitary balcony on a West End high rise, I could not see a single decoration or light or Christmas tree. I’m not upset by that — Christmas these days is nothing but commercial nonsense after all — but I sure was surprised at the absolute lack of signs.

Local TV stations seem to spend an inordinate amount of time showing off massive house decorations of dubious value, so I guess the decorating thing is alive and well in the suburbs. But not here in the big city.