What Makes The Mad Hatters Look Good?

I came across this site — http://www.nwofighters.org/ — quite by chance. I may have seen it on a tweet. Anyway, it starts out looking like a typical alternative media feed. But pretty quickly we come across paragraphs like this one:

“It might be of some interest to some that 43 American presidents are genetically related. It might also be of some interest that many have been MASONS and that ALL OF THE ONES that have been assassinated have been by the Illuminati/jesuit conspiracy as historical evidence demonstrates.”

Or this:

“It amazes me how after all these years the Masonically and Zionist controlled government still lies about JFK. These two former secret service agents are up in their years and yet they still try to cover up the assassination by lying even in their aging years. It would be my guess that they are Masons just like the Astronauts are made to be Masons.”

It is worth reading some of this stuff if only to recognize that the members of the Mad Hatter Tea Party are the “sensible” ones of the right-wing cloud.  Lord help us!

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