Buy Nothing Day

This coming Saturday is the 2010 edition of Buy Nothing Day, an event that we have long supported. But it sure is an uphill battle.

I have noticed this year that many of the large retailers are starting their sales at 5:00am, 4:00am and even 3:00am on Friday morning!  At least one of those retailers is having a toy sale beginning at 12:01am and then starting their “real” sale at 5 in the morning.  How whacked is that, really, to stand outside a store in this freezing November weather in the middle of the night just to save a few bucks on a completely discretionary purchase?

The whole value system that people seem to operate under is simply backwards to me and difficult to comprehend. Of course, I am obliged to participate in the market system on a daily basis, so I understand it.  What I cannot understand is volunteering for extra duty.


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